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La Gamba Dorada it dates back to 1975, when two humble and entrepreneur families from a small village of Axarquía (Almarchar), settle down in Vélez-Málaga and started our restaurant history.
Some of years of effort and working later, the two families decided to split from each other, staying as sole owners of the business, the marriage of Antonio Romero Gálvez and Ana Padilla Lucena whom, together with their children, run the family business.
In 1993, after a severe illness, Antonio Romero Gálvez died, moment when his wife take in charge of the business, along with her children for two hard years.

Antonio Miguel Romero Padilla, son of the owners, take care of the business since then to the present. Later, in 1998, the business is completely reformed, managing to reach a greater number of clients by modernizing the place.

In 2011 La Gamba Dorada was burnt, because of that the place was to be reformed again. In that moment the original place was joined to another one, enlarging the kitchen and opening our take away store, where with the same kitchen and quality they offered a new service to the customers, the possibility to take home homemade food and fried fish.

Since 2011 to the present, our business enlarged two times with new rooms, located on the same street, giving place to the restaurant we know actually.

In conclusion, we are deeply indebted to our customers, who have continuing choosing us day by day, to the great family that we form with our waiters and cooks team and with all the family and friend who have supported us through thick and thin.


What we offer?

The best seafood and fried fish from the area with more than 40 years of experience behind us

A cozy place where we put forward the best quality at the best price.


fabulous SEAFOOD

the best seafood to delight your palate.

Best tapas

The best tapas to pair with our extensive wine list.


The best fritters, with top quality products. Enjoy the best "pescaito frito" here.

Homemade Desserts

Don't miss out our desserts. You will love it!

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Buena calidad de pescado y también sin gluten
Bely Bustamante
Bely Bustamante
El MEJOR RESTAURANTE de PESCADO y marisco de toda la Costa. No hay otro como éste. El servicio súper rápido y lxs camarerxs muy simpáticos y serviciales. Pides la comida y a los 5 minutos (a veces menos) ya la tienes en la mesa!!! Hacen la mejor ROSADA FRITA que puedas comerte, con el rebozado perfecto. Pero si pides marisco, peregrinas, almejas salteadas, gambas cocidas...lo que quieras, está buenísimo!!! De precio bastante aceptable. Suele estar lleno porque tienen poco sitio en el interior. Pero si quieres tapear te vas a la barra o mesas altas y comes igual de bien por mucho menos dinero. El local está muy bien decorado con temática marinera y está limpio.
Jose Manuel
Jose Manuel
Un buen bar con buenos productos y amables camareros. Muy recomendado.
Inma Lopez vargas
Inma Lopez vargas
Muy buena
Platos exquisitos de pescado y marisco fresco y buen servicio
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